Codeine Syrup

So, you want to get high well the only thing that you need to have is the Codeine Syrup but not without the prescription as it is a medicine and can only be given out on the medical practitioners prescription. The non presence of the prescription can put you in behind the bars or at the very least this is what has happened to the very famous JaMarcus Russell who has been arrested just yesterday while he was found in possession of the Codeine Syrup and that too without the prescription. The Codeine Syrup is a drug that if in taken without the proper dosage of it, then can make you hallucinate as well as go really high as well as if mixed with some other sort of juices or sodas can be a real hardcore thing for the person having it. The police arrested JaMarcus Russell on the ground of having possessed such a drug and no prescription was found on him or with him. Though jaMarcus has been bailed out as the bail of just twenty five hundred dollars is nothing for him, but he has became famous all across the United states and the medicine that he had possessed is being searched up all across to see why is it that the possession of such a drug can be a totally illegal thing to do without the proper prescription. Well, I guess now you people will be pretty overmuch in knowledge of as to why the Codeine Syrup is dangerous and an illegal drug to be in possession of without the prescription.

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