Debbie Friedman death

Debbie Friedman death is the latest sad news that is now taking over the internet. Debbie Friedman death news came in stating that the Jewish vocalist has passed away. As we extracted further details in regards to our news topic; Debbie Friedman death, we actually got to know that she has passed away due to pneumonia. She lived to make it to her 50s. Further reports were extracted once the news came in and we got to know that Debbie Friedman died during the time when she was admitted in the Orange County hospital in California.
Debbie Friedman was born in the year 1952. According to the Jewish law and regulations, a person when dies, is to be buried as soon as possible; within the next twenty-four hours time. As we tried to get more details as to when her funeral will be held, we got the related information that her funeral will be held on 11th January 2011 (Tuesday). The funeral will be certainly open to the public and it will actually take place at Temple Beth Sholom situated in Santa Ana, CA.

As we take a slightly closer look at her musical career, she produced almost about twenty musical albums. She even performed at sold out shows and stages. She had greatly contributed towards music productions. The best of her songs is Mi Shebeirach; a song that is considered to heal souls. She happens to hold honor of being the most famous Jewish music producer/creator. It is especially due to people like her that music lives today and it keeps getting better.

Debbie Friedman

Debbie Friedman death

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