Douglas County Schools

Douglas County Schools are on the drawback as we studied the up-to-date reports that were obtained from our educational news sector. Douglas County Schools higher men and those who hold the positions as superintendents are found blaming poor economy as one of the core reasons for declining the enrollment process. All this raises objections and debates against lower state funding.
According to the updates, they are found planning more of a deduction and on the other hands the concerned superintendents are found hoping that the state law makers will not cut down the educational funding which can actually make the overall situation enter into a worse phase.
Don Schrader who happens to be a superintendent for Glide School District earlier stated that he is quite optimistic. He hopes that the state officials will surely provide him with funds so that he and his staff/management will be able to perfectly streamline the educational operations. He further added that despite of this hope, we need to keep ourselves prepare if this does not happens in near future.
Douglas County Schools officials have stated that the unavailability of jobs is actually forcing quite a lot of families to leave the respective county. Especially those families who have school going children are actually being forced to make a move due to unemployment.

Reports were obtained from the Oregon Dept. of Education that stated the total percentage of students that was declined by Douglas County during 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 has reached up to 10%. Now this year the enrollment is down again and if this continues, soon the educational sector will undergo a major decline.

Douglas County School

Douglas County Schools

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