Elephants are the largest mammals that exist on the surface of the earth, these animals are huge in size and the farmers in particular fear the devastation created by them on the agricultural fields. Recently the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has advised the farmers in the continent of Africa to use pepper spray in order to scare elephants away, instead of killing them for the sake of saving their crops. Plastic guns having some small sized balls containing chili can be fired on to the elephants which shall cause irritation on their skin and they would have to run for cover. The farmers often severely harm the wild animals in order to save their fields from all sorts of danger.

The United Nations department gave some tips to the farmers so that the native African people might restrain from killing wild animals.

A big problem which the Africans are facing is that the population is increasing rapidly leading to less space for the animals, and so the humans and the animals have to share the limited resource available, the humans are the ones having the bigger brains so they should tackle the situation with care and chalk out ways in order to achieve peace and prosperity.

Wild life is also an asset; the natives get a lot of benefit from them as the tourists are attracted towards wild life and jungle. The farmers should not chop down trees in order to gain more agricultural land; they should use the available land in the best way.

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