Fasting during Ramadan to nourish the Spirit

Ramadan is an Islamic month in which Muslims of all world observes
fasts. It is very holy month. All Muslims offer additional prayers,
fasting from dawn to dusk and offer tarawih at night. Ramadan is very
precious time to connect to Allah.
All Muslim Ummah adopt same routine almost. All Muslims keep fast at
about 5 a.m., break it at the time of Maghrib. Fasting during Ramadan
generate the self- discipline and provide the time of catharsis of its
soul. You really feel that you are closer to Allah. This month
combines the individuals by inviting each other at Iftar party.
Fasting Ramadan is a great source to nourish the spirit.
This time Ramadan has fallen in summer 12 August, 2010 on Wednesday.
At the sight of Ramadan moon, All Muslims did special arrangements
such that buying meat, dried fruits and lot of other things. Although
it is little bit difficult to spend 15 hours without eating or
drinking anything but it is very wonderful activity. From medical
point of view, fasting during Ramadan is helpful to resist many
?Hence, it is a month in which all activities are done to get the
blessings of Allah.

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