Frozen Slushie Recipe to Enjoy in Summers

Summers generally give more heat then you can have in any other season of the year and thus having freezing drinks (or same kind of recipes/drinks) becomes high demand for majority of the people. Well, you can have a refreshing and fruity slush in a couple of minutes using this recipe. You just need to have some canned fruit in your freezer. Thats it.


As I have mentioned earlier that nothing is required to make and enjoy this recipe but 2 fruit cans fully packed in heavy syrup. Though any fruit-can can be selected for this recipe, but to me pineapple and peaches work exceptionally well to bring better taste.


1 Buy your favorite canned fruit, seal them in a zip-lock bag and put them in their final destination i.e. freezer.
2 You may get these can out of freezer especially when your kids are thirsty and are feeling hot in summers. Pick up a hot tap water bowl and submerge the bag in this bow. Leave the cans in this situation until you get fruit slightly thawed (it would take somewhere between 1 to 2 minutes only).
3 Pick up a food processor, pour the syrup and finally pick up frozen fruit and slide it onto a cutting board. Use a proper kitchen knife and chop this thawed fruit into small chunks. Put all this stuff in the food processor. Dont turn off your food processor until the syrup and fruit becomes smooth (it would take between 30 seconds to 3 minutes maximum).
4 Thats it. Serve it immediately to your thirsty kids.


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