Sometimes you make a revelation by mistake and that is all it takes to make or break you but at times it is not you that is mistaken in your judgment it is your staff personnel who do the trick for you and then make you pay for their very words.

The same happened when in a gaming conference, the employee of one of the branches of GameStop told to one of the gaming companies CEO that if his company does not sell the used games, they will be out of business pretty soon because of the rising inflation and many other factors. That was a big mistake to say, as in todays world the very shelf life of a particular data carrier that is the CDs or the DVDs is quite limited and when one has used a single game CD, that is almost near to the end of the data on it, it is pretty overmuch unusable at that time.

Though, it has still been unclear if the GameStop is actually selling the used games by telling the clients that they are new ones and thus giving a lot of loss to the original game CD producers or other way round is selling them on the basis of as is.

Either way round, the GameStop is giving a great loss to the Game producers and the distributors on the very basis of selling the used game CDs and thus making everyone in the industry getting themselves in loss.



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