High School of the Dead

Anime Channel this time round is presenting the High School of the Dead animated show for its viewers across the Japan as well as the United States of America. Though it sis pretty overmuch unclear at the moment as to if the High School of the Dead will be dubbed in English or the screen will have the subtitles for the American public but one thing is clear that it will be presented simultaneously within both the countries.

There is so much of a hype for the High School of the Dead animated serial afterwards of watching the trailer of the series which mainly defines and tells as to what the show is all about. The High School of the Dead is all about the students in a high school as well as an outbreak of a deadly virus which contaminated each and every one in its path and takes lives only for the people infected by the virus to be alive again but as zombies. The survivors of the deadly virus within the High School of the Dead serial have to face the horror of the living dead as well as get out of the school alive in time for them to save their as well as their friends lives.

The theme of the show has been adapted from a famous novel already been written. Though the High School of the Dead is being presented on the Anime channel but the theme of it is not that appropriate for the kids of less then twelve years of age.

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