Holly Lahti

Holly Lahti is one name that for sure is making fame. Talk about how money can actually change your life and I mean drastically, you can simply talk about the twenty-nine years old Holly Lahti who luckily happens to be a single mom of two who all reside in Idaho, Rathdrum. According to the lottery sectioned news updates Holly Lahti has become famous when she single handedly stepped on to the stage so that she could accept her mega prize.
The prize that she won is not a small prize and therefore her name is making news. It all happened on Tuesday when she actually had to step forth and receive what she had won through a lucky draw. Her prize money was counted to be a hundred and ninety million dollar and if by any chance you are not aware of one small factor that is involved here, the amount won by Holly Lahti happens to be the historys second largest won amount via jackpot lottery. The 1st record holder amount happens to be three hundred and eighty million dollars. However she will be actually further sharing one half of the acquired amount with WA couple; Carolyn and Jim McCullar and Ephrata.

Jeff Anderson happens to be the lottery director who had announced on Tuesday that Holly Lahti who happened to act as a representative at the Northwest Bank has resigned from her job on Monday after she had won the mega amount. Her life will actually quite rightly never be the same anymore!

Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson

Holly Lahti won $190 million dollar

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