Hubble Telescope set out a record of emerging a young Galaxy

HST, Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most advanced features of science and technology. It is a large and versatile telescope that is ever used for space purposes by astronauts.
Today, it has brought the relation of space and earth nearer and nearer as well. Recently, it is confirmed by a group of researchers that this best model of science and technology, Hubble Telescope has set out a record of seeing the most distant objects till yet.
Actually, a team from European Southern Observation operated this VLT, Very Large Telescope array in Chile and got an image, captured a year ago, helped them to determine a Galaxy of about 13 billion light years away, in the upper left hand corner of the image.

This new record of emerging a new Galaxy hold by this telescope arose so many questions in minds that what is the age of universe, how it formed etc?

Hubble Telescope

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