Inception Ending

?Christopher is very happy these days as his latest project has given him the fruit he desired, inception has become a hit and the people are taking a lot of interest to watch the movie and to get information on the movie from the internet. The people saw the movie and they were happy and satisfied as they believe that they paid for a movie which was worth watching. The cinemas where the movie is being shown are house full and the people are looking to get a ticket at any rate, as the film has gained so much popularity. The story of the movie is present on various websites but the people still want to see the movie themselves as the experience to watch a Sci-Fi movie in an IMAX theatre is totally out of this world.

The special affects used in the movie give a great realistic feeling in the IMAX theatres, the people are searching for the Inception ending on the cyber space, the reason for it is that the people who have seen the movie were not able to understand the exact meaning of the Inception ending, it can be considered that the end portion of the movie has been left open in order to make a sequel in the future.

The Inception ending has two meanings one is that Leonardo might be dreaming all through out the movie and the other could be that it was all true and he really met his family in the end of the movie.

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