Independence Day of Pakistan

It is not like it used to be In this year Independence Day of Pakistan came at a time when Pakistan is passing through a very critical situation of his history. Pakistan is a country which celebrates its Independence Day with love, excitement and passion. Pakistani flag is hoisted and national songs are sung. Pakistanis celebrates this day with great enthusiasm. But this time, all spirit has been died due to flood. It is a worst plight of this century. This flood brought devastations on large scale. Agriculture and infrastructure are completely destroyed in affected areas. Thousands of people died, millions has lost their homes. Unfortunately, Khyber pakhtunkhwa and Sindh are under the floods devastations. The loss due to flood is uncountable. Today, it was a 63rd independence day of Pakistan and it has gone 63 years back. When Pakistan came into being, there was nothing. No infrastructure, no remarkable industries and agricultural system. Even they had lost their loved ones. Present situation is not different. They have lost their homes, loved ones and even lost their financial assets. There is no difference in 1947 when people migrated from India to Pakistan and 2010. In both time, they became homeless. Victims are looking forward with hope to their Pakistani brothers for aid. This time requires unity. We should provide them clothes, shelter and food. Government of Pakistan is also working actively by using all resources. Every fall has a rise. It is not the end of my beloved country while it is a beginning of Pakistan.

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