Jade Duell

Jade Duell is the one found making some huge news for the moment and if you are unaware who she actually is then here is the news, she happens to be the girl-friend of Owen Wilson. Therefore Owen is the man along with his girl-friend Jade Duell who will join parenthood as for this year. Jade Duell is found to be actually the happiest person on the face of this earth and she is found living the moment to its fullest.
Ina Treciokas who happens to be Wilsons spokeswomen gave out the news as she was talking to the associated press on January 10th 2011. Treciokas stated that both the actor and Jade Duell are the ones who have been dating for almost a year. They are happy as they now expect a baby.
This is the maximum news that Treciokas shared as for the moment as she did not provided any details in regards to pregnancy. Meanwhile another news source stated that Jade is actually due at any given time. She further is planning to give birth where she happens to live for now; in Hawaii. The source also adds that the couple who is soon about to be tagged as parents are willing to do the entire related thing in the most natural way.

Furthermore, this baby is going to be the very first baby for the forty-two years old actor. He further added that his excitement is out of this world for now. This actually cal for celebrations!

Owen Wilson and girlfriend Jade Duell expecting a baby

Owen Wilson

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