Jim Harbaugh – Planning to move on but to where?

College football has its advantages but not over the NFL but somebody tell that to the Stanford coach named Jim Harbaugh. As you may have quite easily recognized him as he is the one from whom the Stanford has got all its best way forwards the last year. Now, he is currently chased on by the NFLs most awarded team of Michigan. But as the things stand at the moment, and as has been told by a source close to the Jim Harbaugh, the coach is highly unlikely to take on a job with the Michigans as he wants to either move forward to a far better place than the one offered to him or is considering other options that are available to him as well.
He is the man, who though has not coached any of the NFL sides prior to this time period, but has been the best bet for the most part of it for the NFL teams whom have counted on his extra ordinary performances for the past few years or so. And he has as well showed that with his performance and his way of dealing with the boys within the college arena of course.

There are obviously other teams waiting for the Jim Harbaugh and his decision to be finally made as well so that they may know as to where they stand with this man and his expertise that has made Stanford a big thing in the past so many years for the college football scene.

Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh Planning to move on but to where?

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