John Daly

The old horses have a way with their game whenever they want, though the fresh faces give a lot of opposition but as they are fresh and less experienced, they may at times be less worthy on the field of it all then the ones with a lot of experience. That is where the John Daly comes in. Being the ex champion of the British open, he was the most sought after golfer in the world in the year of 1995, but then the famous Tiger Woods did a lot for himself as well as the game by winning again and again. This time round it seems that John Daly is in the British Open to avenge the Tigers previous doings.

Just yesterday, the John Daly made quite an early sort of an inroads into the British Open by playing some of the most fantastic shots that gave him the early lead in the title series. The John Daly has as well once won the championship title here in the year of 1995. The way he is playing at the moment and the way that Tiger is getting frustrated by his mistakes over and over again within the championship makes one seem to think that the John Daly will be a real blockade for the Tigers victory this time round.

Though its pretty early to say as to what will actually happen but the competition seems pretty close up front in the presence of the famous John Daly who will make Tiger really run hard to earn his money.

John Daly

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