John Edwards engaged

John Edwards engaged . Do I still really need to add more to a heading that it self gives out the main aspect of the news? I guess yes, there is somewhat explanation to be done here as most of such news listings might also prove to be categorized as rumors and so here we are to explain the whole John Edwards engaged story. The news John Edwards engaged according to our sources in not a valid one. This is just another so called addition in the list of never ending rumors and despite of the incoming of such rumors, John Edwards who is an acclaimed personality is not at all engaged.
Further rumor update was that John Edward got married to Rielle Hunter but both of the mentioned rumor victims themselves stated that this is so not a true statement. They have made an official announcement to falsify the above mentioned rumor and the announcement was made to the associated press.
Alan Duncan who happens to be Hunters attorney stated to ABC that he does not actually believes it to hold a solid ground. Another news section was provided with such details that the couple is not having any plans to get married. A spokes person from Edwards side actually had denied to pass any further comments as far as the whole John Edwards engaged rumor is concerned.

This news might also hold some valid ground but I think to make any sort of a comment as for now might not turn out to be meaningful. However as stated above the rumor has been denied by the concerned parties.

John Edwards

John Edwards engaged

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