Magnolia Shorty found dead, Is she murdered?

Today, news is not good. The news is that former cash money artist Magnolia Shorty has been found dead. Is she died natural death or has been killed? She is found died being shot 26 times at her home in New Orleans. 26 times.!! Poor Magnolia Shorty.
So it is the end of super cash money artist in the age of 28.
Magnolia Shorty is also known as Magnolia Slim. Firstly, she appeared on Juveniles 3rd Ward Solja who ended as Solja Rags in 1997.
Magnolia Shorty was the second female rapper to sign on with Cash Money Records. According to her listeners, her sound is like Foxy Brown. In an interview, she stated that she is inspired by Michael Jackson, SWV, Eve and Beyonce.
Wanted to be a rapper was its passion. She had been rapping since 12 years old.

Who slaughtered the Magnolia? Nobody knows.

Magnolia Shorty

Magnolia Shorty found dead, Is she murdered?

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