Maria Menounos bikini malfunction – show her intimate parts

She is the host of Access Hollywood and the most loved TV personality of the recent times, but alike of all others of the celebrity genre, she had to face up some troubles in her life. But the one trouble that has caught her the red tape was the one that the Maria Menounos would have never thought about and that was the Maria Menounos bikini malfunction that she experienced just yesterday when she was on a Miami Beach with some of the known faces and playing up the beach ball.
According to the reports on the Maria Menounos bikini malfunction, she was wearing a black bikini top which all of a sudden slipped towards the right exposing her most intimate parts to all the Papparrazzis who were standing there just to get a glimpse of her. Though she never noticed such a thing to happen herself, but a man on the beach pointed out the Maria Menounos bikini malfunction to her and she was made aware of that.

On her recent tweet, within her twitter account, she quite laugh out loudly told apart that the Papparrazzis may have had the best time of their lives due to her Bikini malfunction. Well, Maria Menounos, they sure did and when we could by any chance get a hold of the pics that show your intimate parts we will to and there will be nothing to stop us from loving it all to bits as we love you to bits and pieces as well.

Maria Menounos bikini malfunction

Maria Menounos bikini malfunction show her intimate parts

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