Is Mariah Carey pregnant or not?

Is Mariah Carey pregnant or not? To find the answer of this question everybody is searching through internet. This question is buzzing after the performance of Mariah on ABC, yesterday. Her bump was prominent in pics. So there is very little doubt about her pregnancy.
If you dont believe on Mariahs pics then remember the words of Mariah Carey on October 28, 2010. She stated that she and her husband are expecting their first child. It is expecting to be due in March 2011.
Very soon after the marriage with Nick Cannon, she was expecting baby but she miscarried.
During a radio interview, Mariah used the word ‘they while she was telling about her pregnancy. ‘They refers to the children means twins. Later on Nick confirmed that they are expecting only one child, not twins.

Very best wishes for both of you. May Mariah and Nick have lovely child.

Mariah Carey

Is Mariah Carey pregnant or not?

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