Marilu Henner’s having incredible memory: 60 minutes

On Sunday night, 60 Minutes went on air with those guests having incredible memory. One of them was Marilu Henner (Her right name is Marilu Henner, not Mary Lou Henner). She is a famous actress, producer and author.
There are six people with amazing memory. Five were present in 60 Minutes to discuss their superior autobiographical memory. The people with this trait can recall each day of their past life.
Study related to this trait of superior autobiographical memory was published in 2008. In 2008, first person of superior memory was identified. This condition is called Hyperthymesia, piking or hyperthymestic syndrome.
60 Minutes guests discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having incredible memory. Although, incredible memory makes you an extraordinary man but sometimes you have to pay the cost of this trait.

According to doctors research, MRI has revealed the cause of superior memory. These superior memory people have larger temporal lobe and caudate nucleus then normal ones. Caudate nucleus is a deep part of brain. Its excessive length may cause of any compulsive disorder.

Marilu Henners having incredible memory: 60 minutes

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