Miners trapped in a mine-Chile

Miners trapped in a mine-ChileMiners trapped in a mine-Chile This world is full of miracles .In this sensational world, some happenings are uncertain. 33 miners had been trapped in mine since 5 August in Chile and not trapped out yet. Previous to17 days, minors were working in a gold and copper mine known as San Esteban near Copiapo. Due to fall down of mine, workers went underground and still alive. When this unpleasant incident took place, nobody would be expected to be alive. But after a few days the minors sent a message written with red ink on the surface. The 33 of us in the shelter are well. Although it was unbelievable and rescue teams arrived to escape them. According to rescuers, this operation will take months. Rescuers are providing them food and trying their best to do for miners. They took their footage and look them into lens. They are in quite better condition than expectations. Families of minors are also there because their loved ones are in trouble. However, they are celebrating this news with rescuers having bonfires and traditional music and dance that miners are safe and sound, one day they will be there.

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