MMXI – A Brand New Doodle

The far famed search engine named up as the Google (though if I would have just said far famed search engine you would have guessed it right) is quite famous for its doodles. The images that light up the day for the Google Search engine page. Various times, the doodles on the Googles page refers to some big event either coming or has already been there. The MMXI is one of the same Google Doodles to hit the big scene on the Google webpage today and as most of the people are quite unaware of as to what the MMXI stands for, they are in fact Googling the key phrase MMXI on the search engine to know whats behindhand of the current hype of the doodle.

Well, as you people know for sure that today is the last day of the year of 2010 and tomorrow will be a new dawn for a brand new year of 2011, every single site as well as status is currently just referring to the new year. Then why would you suspect that Google will not follow suit. The 2011 is written in roman numerals as the MMXI and that is what Google refers to in its brand new doodle on the website. I hope that you people must have understood quite clearly as to what it is and what it refers to as well as from our very website and us too, we wish you a great new year and many a happiness to come towards your way.


MMXI A Brand New Doodle

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