New Zealand Earthquake 2010

New Zealand Earthquake 2010

New Zealand Earthquake 2010

“New Zealand Earthquake 2010″ title=”New Zealand Earthquake 2010″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-1017” />Natural calamities are unaware and uncertain. They can occur in any place, at any time. According to the people, 2010 wasnt a good year for them. They had to face many serious problems like flood, earthquakes, crashes etc and as a result many lives were lost in this year of 2010.

In January, a mega earthquake was seen in Haiti which wrecked the whole area. Subsequently, Latin America faced the same natural disaster which headed all the way over Hawaii Island. As a result, millions of people lost their lives and a great damage came into view.

Another natural disaster has to be experienced by New Zealand at Christchurch. While the people of the world were focused on Pakistan Flood which affected 20 million lives. On Saturday morning, this earthquake rattled New Zealand at 4:35. The magnitude of earthquake reported was about 7.4 as recorded by the scale on New Zealand Island which brought a lot of structural damage. One of them registered magnitude of earthquake at 5.7 on the Richter scale.

Local Media reported that they felt strong shocks throughout the city. Gas Lines and some power lines have been cracked.

Fortunately, there is no danger of tsunami from this quake. About 75 %of Christchurch is not influenced. Frontage of buildings is fallen down and crushing cars. Some people left their homes and decided not to go back in them to avoid the danger.

People are discouraged to use cell phones, and only go to the hospital in emergency.

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