Owen Wilson death

The ultimate cause of any spreaded humor as indicated by many a researchers is the greed for power and fame that it incorporates within its own self. If that is at all true, which it most certainly seems like, then the Owen Wilson death news is a totally fake one. Owen Wilson is just not another name in the film industry. He is a superstar as well as someone that people follow to chase their dreams. Just last night all the social networking channels were filled up by the rumors of Owen Wilson death. As the norm of the Social networking channels go, these sort of things wont take a wee bit of time in getting from one of the ends of the world to another and a small thing soon after changes into a big hoax and hoax it was.

Yes, the Owen Wilson death was just a hoax as the famous actor when contacted regarding the rumor of his death was just too confident about him not being dead. Well, all that said things have a way of repairing themselves over a certain period of time but such rumors dont take much time to be discovered as just baseless internet junks that some mind freak has just posted on to make himself a bit famous overnight. Such fames are just too temporary and now as the Owen Wilson death has been discovered to be just a baseless rumor, the people spreading such things should realize that to be sure about one thing and to spread a rumor are different.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson death

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