Pakistan News (Black Box found)

Islamabad—as every one knows that a plane of Blue Air Lines
experienced a crash at Margalla Hills on Wednesday. All people
including crew were died. Recovery staff at last founded the Black
Box (a flight data recorder) from the wreckage of Pakistans most
awful-ever plane crash today, on Saturday and it looked to be good in
condition as said by officials.
Black box is a device which is responsible for the complete
information of inputs, outputs and transfer characters without any
effect of internal working. The discovery of Black Box will
facilitate to a great extent in investigating and providing clues for
such a terrible mishap near Pakistans capital, Islamabad. However, it
was not easy to find the black box due to lack of proper roads, rainy
The Civil Aviation Authority has decided to send the remaining of
plane and black box to know the reason of plane crash. This
investigation may take one month. The reason of this decision is that
Pakistan has not expertise to disclose the information that is stored
in box.
This investigation give whichever results, but it can not bring back
the 152 people to their loved ones.

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