Peshawar firing on U.S. consulate

Peshawar firing on us consulateUnwanted Incidents occur and become a part of our life. It has reported by a local Urdu TV Channel Samaa, todays morning that wild firing is going on b/w security forces and gun men. This is taking place in northwest city of Pakistan, Peshawar near U.S. consulate.
It has to be reported that the firing bust up at about 6:00 a.m. local time and is still going on. The military groups are trying their best to solve up the condition and have bounded this intelligence building near the U.S. consulate, where the gun men have entered.
Anyhow, it cant be confirmed that what are awful purposes of gun men either to target at the Intelligence building or the U.S. consulate.
Further details about this incident are not yet known.

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