Roger Ebert cancer

This news might actually turn out to be emotional for the readers as it holds memories, achieving milestones, fulfilling wishes; all with a slightest ray of hope. Here we are to update you with the latest Roger Ebert cancer news.
It might also sound funny but there are certain wishes, small wishes that keep you going in life. Same is the case of Rachel Estradas grandfather who was told during last November that he had gallbladder cancer and he is short of his life. His loudest wish, protest or scream; whatever you may call it was that till date he has not watched the movie Secretariat.
The eighty-five years old Grandpa Joe, always talked too much about the movie that was just months away from actually being released.
Rachel’s mother always was found pleading that is there any way possible to get the movie so that Grandpa Joe can be brought to peace.
The whole Roger Ebert cancer topic came into being as she finally found a way to help the old man recently with the help of Roger Ebert and his friend Bill Nack. These two mentioned people are the author of the actual book on which the mentioned film is based.
Rachel wrote an email to Roger Ebert and explained as to how her grandpa wants to see the movie at the earliest. She further explained how his grandpa is dying with cancer.
Following more to the Roger Ebert cancer story, she sent the email to him without telling anyone. She further knew that Ebert himself has beaten cancer.

She could not believe that the write actually worked out on the entire situation to have the DVD sent directly to his pa.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert cancer

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