The Open championship

The Open championship that is quite commonly known up as the British Open has commenced on its year of 2010 tour and what a first day it had yesterday with the likes of previously far famed for his game and now for his personal life, Tiger woods and John Daly, which are the ones who are actually worth mentioning. The surface this time round within the Open championship has been made quite brilliantly as well as the weather condition does support the players from all angles. The only problem that they will have to face within the Open championship is their inability to work their way into the top three. But this inability does not at all exist on for the Tiger of the green or for that matter even for the past champion of the Open championship known up to all as the John Daly. At this point in time, just after the very first day, the John Daly is leading the points table of the Open championship, but Tiger is not far behind of him as well with a score of three under par after just the ten holes that he played. We are pretty sure to have a fantastic competition between these two and the other players will as well make the in roads into the Open championship, but there is not much hope for them to be taking or making any sort of a surprises within this years British Open. Lets see what happens next in the game.

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