The Other Guys Quotes

The Other Guys Quotes have gained a lot of popularity among the people. The people found the Other Guys Quotes to be really funny. The movie was released a day ago and the people have loved the comic appeal of the movie. The movie is basically an action comedy entertainer. The movie has received a mixed response from the public. Some people liked the movie while the others did not like the movie.

The movie shows the life of some cops. The cops shown in the movie are stuck into various troubles due to lack of proper planning. The main lead in the movie is played by Will Ferrell. The people really liked his part in the movie. He was also shown to be a cop in the movie. He was the type of cop who does not like to work in the field and he wanted to stay safe inside the office. He worked as a forensic accountant and refused to work like other cops who went outside the office to carry on the tasks given to them.

The Other Guys quotes have gained popularity as there are several points in the movie where the actors are stuck into some funny situation and they speak out some really funny dialogues. The dialogues of Will sounded pretty funny and the audience just loved them, although some of them were not suitable for all ages but still the people liked them. The critics liked the movie and it is being considered as a great summer comedy.

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