Viveca Paulin

They actually say that its all in the name but then they as well say a lot of things. Do we have to agree with them on everything? It sounds a lot weird but the year of 2010 is actually coming to an abrupt end and with it the search for title holders in any sort of a competition during the same year is turning its head out. This time the best baby name givers as well as the low scorers within the same bit of competition are being called up into the question and though the best ones are a bit good, the lower side of the marks goes to the Viveca Paulin who is the wife of Will Ferrell. Both of them game their son the name of Axel.
You people decide as to what sort of a name Axel is and how come one parents and that too quite famous ones could give their child such a beating with this name but Viveca Paulin thinks that she knows best and with the very help of her husband has decided that the name Axel is the best one for their very child. Though it seems a bit weird but still there are many a baby named like the one that Alicia Keys gave to her son of Egypt Daoud the keeps the stupidity of the Viveca Paulin given name.

Names are in reality quite an important part of ones life and people tend to make that decision quite wisely. Has Viveca Paulin did her act in hurry or has thought over it needs to be decided by the future.

Viveca Paulin & Will Ferrell

Viveca Paulin

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