Wisconsin Badgers lead to Ohio Buckeyes

The news about Wisconsin badgers is that this team of the NCAA won their match against Ohio State Football Team in the 7th week of Football Series. As the Ohio State Buckeyes football team had reached one of the top ranking football teams but recently this team was defeated by Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin Badgers knocked out Ohio Buckeyes by a score of 38-18 points.
The competition between these teams remained very close at every moment as Badgers were able to get victory with a lot of scoring points during the match. David Gilreath from Wisconsin badgers returned kickoff of 97 yards and scored a touchdown. At the end of the first half, Wisconsin Badgers Team had taken a lead by 21-3, against the Buckeyes.
While in the second half, the Dan Herron of Buckeyes scored two touchdowns and turned the Badgers lead to 21-18. The Ohio Team was unable to score any goal after the 3rd quarter and the points scored by Ohio Buckeyes remained stable at 18 till the end.

However, Ohio Team had been playing well in pre six seasons of Football Series thats why they were stunned to see their defeat as they were not expected such type of defeat from Badgers team. The players of both the teams were played very well but Wisconsin Badgers had the greatest talent and determination which helped them to lead.

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