World Baseball Series 2010, Schedule announced

The World Baseball Series 2010 schedule is announced as it is good news for the fans that they will have a chance to know about the winning team in the World Series as soon as possible. The winner team in the American League Championship Series of Major League Baseball, MLB is selected and the team belongs to Texas Rangers.
On Friday night, there was a match held between Texas Rangers and Yankees. The players from Texas Rangers executed the best performance and after a hard time they won the match against Yankees by 6-1. In 50 years, it was happen for the first time that Yankees got defeat from Franchise.
The Rangers fans are much excited and have been waiting anxiously to see their beloved team in MLB championship as well.
As the World Series Schedule for baseball fans is announced so according to it San Francisco Giants will play against Philadelphia Phillies on 23rd October at Eastern Time, 7:30 p.m. Then the winning team will qualify to battle against the Texas Rangers on October 27, 2010 in the World Series 2010.

The fans can watch these matches on FOX Channel that is providing live coverage of World Series 2010 matches. For series results, keep in touch with us .!

World Series 2010

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