Yankees vs. Phillies… Who will win?

The Yankees VS Phillies, the major league baseball match in ALSC has become great news in sports field as everyone wants to know the upcoming results. So, the news buzzing all around is that both the teams can be knocked out from the World Series if any of the team will suffer a loss from their opponent team in one match only.
Yankees, the New York Baseball Team played a match on Wednesday against Phillies and won. At that time, in this series the Philliess score is 3-1. Any other lose in a match against Yankees would lead them out from this series. Thats why; they must avoid another loss and should play carefully.
The Yankees are in satisfactionary condition as they won their last series by 7-2 against Texas Rangers. Although, in previous 2 series, the score captured by Phillies had been also very high but now the situation is against them. In past baseball matches, Phillies players had performed very well.
Today, it is going to hold a baseball match in which Phillies will again play against Yankees at night in San Francisco. Against Giants, the Phillies Team also scored impressively.

Anyhow, it is expected that match between Yankees and Phillies will quite interesting and it will be shown on certain TV Channels as well. The sports fan and people are anxiously waiting to hear the name of winning team.

Yankees vs. Phillies

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