Zabernism, a strange word….what does it mean?

Today on internet, there buzzing a word that is annoying a lot of people, what does it mean??? The word is Zabernism.. In true senses, Zabernism is said to be a term used for World of Warcraft Circles as well.
But the point regarding Zabernism that irritates, as it is often come up for military realms. There are many meanings of this term but what is the exact mean of Zabernism??? Zabernism is defined as offensive misuse of military authority. The term Zabern is bullying from German word, Saverne, the name of a town in Alsace.
Some people around the world originated this term in 1912 from an incident in which an overzealous soldier killed a cobbler for smiling at him. In German Zabern or Saverne is said to be a crisis of domestic policy took place in German Empire. How confusing!!!
As far as the term usage is concerned, it is used in a saying of George Bernard Shaw.he led his people to destroy the militarism of Zabern. Lets see how longer this term goes on to be used with multiple meanings but no exact meaning in upcoming era Its just a strange word.

What do you say..???


Zabernism, a strange word.what does it mean?

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